I'm James Acklin, a product designer and front-end developer at Nielsen in Pittsburgh, PA. I've created digital experiences and tools on the Web for startups, large agencies, and Fortune 500 companies for about a decade. My design practice concentrates on human-centered design methodologies and high-fidelity prototyping with an emphasis on in-browser deliverables. At Nielsen, I research, prototype, design, and write a little JavaScript for all user-facing features of Rhiza, a web-based data visualization tool (formerly a ~30-person startup, acquired in 2017) specializing in geospatial analysis and user-programmable workflows.

I'm currently interested in the following:

  • p2p web projects using the Dat protocol
  • Practical VR
  • Voice interfaces
  • Light, single-purpose web apps
  • Screen-free computing

Occasionally I conduct branding exercises, help software companies and websites with interaction design problems, and do general graphic design work on the side. Email me if you'd like to work on a project together.